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The Proposed Little Egypt Oasis is to be built over Interstate 57 on a vacant railroad bridge.  This bridge is located in the heart of Little Egypt, at mile marker # 65, in The City of West Frankfort, Illinois.  This is not a typical toll road oasis where vehicles accessing the oasis are held captive and are only allowed to return to the toll road.  Instead, this oasis provides safer and improved access to and from The City of West Frankfort by splitting the existing diamond access ramps and creating one-way frontage roads.  Access between The City of West Frankfort and the interstate will be improved, congestion on the city’s Main Street will be lessened and the existing interstate access bottleneck will be eliminated through the use of one-way controlled access frontage roads.  The splitting of the diamond will also relocate the access ramps from under the bridge leaving ample room for additional interstate traffic lanes at the bridge.