Project List

One Way Frontage Roads

This oasis provides safer and improved access to and from The City of West Frankfort by splitting the existing diamond  access ramps and creating one way frontage roads.

Truck Stop

The area beyond the westward automobile fueling station, to the west of the frontage road truck stop facilities will be built for Long Term Parking with Idle-Air, so truckers do not need to waste gas to keep cool.

Botanical Gardens

Botanicals, Statuary, Water Gardens and Labyrinths


Conference Center and Resturant

The middle Pyramid is to be a conference center and an up-scale restaurant.


Utilizing Innovative Energy Sources

Geothermal, solar, and wind will all be used in order to conserve natural resources, and power the Oasis. 
The Little Egypt Oasis will serve as a green energy showcase in Illinois.